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Mission Okolona, a Chickasaw County food pantry remained open during COVID-19

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Even despite the challenges of protecting our volunteers and patrons, as well as meeting the increased demand our food pantry faced and still does due to the pandemic, we remained open and fully committed to providing food to the needy in our community.

The threat of Coronavirus has been prevalent in and around Okolona, as we saw larger food pantries near us shut down operations over the past three to four months. This was understandable as these larger pantries opened daily or for some weekly. Since we only open our drive through service once a month, every third Saturday from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM, and provide individual food boxes on an emergency basis, we made the decision to keep delivering boxes to our regular clients. Additionally, after calls for assistance from our local school district superintendent, Chad Spence, and Okolona Elementary School Principal, Sha Triplett, we gladly provided food boxes to parents of students who were out of school due to the pandemic.

Masks and Gloves Are Mandatory At Mission Okolona

During operations, we ensured every volunteer was well protected while packing food boxes and putting boxes in the trunks of cars or the beds of pickup trucks who came through our car line. With no incident of exposure to Coronavirus at our pantry since the pandemic started, we feel blessed.

Our clients can rest assure that we are taking every precaution to not only protect ourselves but protect them as well.

Spread the Word

Mission Okolona stands committed to providing free food to the needy!

Since 2001, the mission of Mission Okolona has been one cause: "

In the spirit of Jesus, we provide free food to the needy of Okolona, MS and surrounding communities in Chickasaw County."

For this reason, local families in need who depend on us can rely on our being there to help them always have food on their table.

Get Inspired to Volunteer

We can always use an extra hand, so please contact us anytime if you would like to volunteer at our pantry. We need volunteers to help us keep our facility clean and safe, as well as with stocking inventory, and filling and delivering boxes to our patrons. God bless you!

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